SR-JHS18/10-N Panasonic Japanese Rice Cooker


[1.8L] SR-JHS18-N

[1.0L] SR-JHS10-N

Package size:
W315×H276×D423mm (JHS18)
W287×H256.5×D387mm (JHS10)
• Rice Scoop • Ladle • Measuring Cup
• Steaming Basket • Operating Instructions
(Japanese/ English/Chinese)
220V / 50Hz / IH
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The “Heat Retaining Diamond Coated Copper Pot” transmits all of the heat from the IH to the rice.

  • • Features the Taste Catcher, which maintains a high temperature while making sure the rice doesn’t boil over.
  • • Stainless steel body and washable stainless steel inner lid are easy to clean.
  • • “1-2 person course” can be used to cook even small quantities to perfection.
Power Source
: 220 V
Power Consumption:
1300 W (JHS18) / 1100 W (JHS10)
Product Size:
Approx. 290 (W) x 254 (H) x 390 (D) mm (JHS18)
Approx. 261 (W) x 235 (H) x 356 (D) mm (JHS10)
Product Weight:
Approx. 6.0 kg (JHS18) / Approx. 5.1 kg (JHS10)
-N (Satin Gold)
Manufacturing Country:
Gross Weight:
6.9 kg (JHS18) / 5.9 kg (JHS10)
Operating Instructions:
English, Chinese, Japanese