About Us

We, Business Professional General Trading L.L.C., are global solution provider specialized in broadcasting, security and professional audio video fields.

Our mission is to introduce necessary products, logistic support, technical consultancy, fund arrangement and after sales services in order to create all required bases of projects.

Business Professional General Trading L.L.C – Connecting the Dots

Professional General Trading L.L.C. plays important role in global business by
bringing resellers, professional users, system integrators and manufacturers together for over 20 years.

For Distributors

We are handling well-reputed brands with high quality equipment from Japan and other countries. Thanks to our 20+ years of global sales and distribution experience, our close relationships with manufacturers and our warehouse locations allow us to offer quick, easy and cost effective delivery options.

For Manufacturers

Our global sales network and experience in broadcasting, security and pro AV fields with our technical support capability, financial reliability and stock capacity are leading us to globally successful business with our principles of following manufacturers’ rules for delivery and after sales services since we began.

For End Users

We understand end user needs, therefore we create product demonstration and trial opportunities for end users by participating in broadcast exhibitions, visiting local offices and designing our showrooms to reach more people hence we are looking for new opportunities to expand our business.